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“The money is in the follow-up.” As salespeople, this statement is coded into our DNA. Even knowing this, most salespeople don’t follow up beyond two or three touch points. Elite sales pros use automation, strategies, and tools to achieve more touch points in less time.

Key Features
Instant Email and Pre-Written Follow Up Sequences
Manage Leads on Mobile App

Personalize everything

Create emails or texts from scratch, or modify our battle-tested templates. Customize message content by regional or personalized call-outs.

Key Features
Email Campaigns
SMS Text Messaging
Tag and Segment by User Action
Customizable User Fields

See a birds-eye view of the sales pipeline

Seamless dashboard gives you the big picture to assess lead flows and sales team performance. Easily create revenue forecasts and set priorities based on the number of leads and lead stage.

Key Features
Number of Leads
Lead Stage

Workflows and automation save time

Some automation software makes it hard to add new users. Not here! Rapidly add new team members. Push-button copy sequences (email and text message) into accounts. Enable round robin lead distribution to ensure no lead is neglected.

Key Features
Copy Sequences and Worflows
Create Team Members Rapidly
Round Robin Lead Distribution

Talk to your leads

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